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Top 5 Best Selling Activity & Fitness Trackers

Fitness Bands a.k.a Fitness Trackers or Activity Trackers have been gaining momentum ever since they came into the market in 2009. Although the early versions were available in 1980s for athletes to track their heart rate and for bicyclists in 1990s to check speed, duration and distance. FitBit is among the top ten companies manufacturing Fitness Trackers or Wearable Devices. Even with ruthless competition in the market, the company has been successful in garnering a strong customer base. This doesn’t mean the other Activity Tracker Manufacturers are any less! We’re soon going to unfold Top Five Best Selling Activity & Fitness Trackers. Read on!

5: Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek Fitness Tracker is one among the best fitness bands available in the market considering its productivity, quality and cost. The product is designed in a manner that it facilitates all the day to day activities, from morning jog to measuring distance, counting calories and monitoring night sleep. This activity tracker literally helps in managing your day neatly by helping you with precise data.

Lintelek offers Slim Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor which is IP67 rated signifying the device will be Waterproof up to 1 m depth for half an hour. The fitness band also comes with Step Counter and Calorie Counter. And can be used as Pedometer for Kids while fitness band for Men and Women. This thing looks so great that it can actually be a great Gift for loved ones to whom you’d like to show some care.

The product is available in five shades. You may click on “Shop Now” link below to buy one for yourself and experience to its fullest.

4: Akasma Fitness Tracker

The Akasma wellness tracker is designed to precisely record your day by day activity such as walking distance traversed, calories derailed and keep on monitoring your pulse providing complete analysis. With amazing 8 out of 1 movement tracker makes your activity progressively productive and let you have an incredible way of life.

Akasma fitness band has a futuristic HR (Heart Rate) sensor for exact and compelling pulse observation. The device also tracks your sleeping patterns and its intelligent alarm can wake you up with a small vibration on your wrist. Interactive mobile app allows you to get a deeper insight about your heart rate, sleep patterns and provides call or message notifications on band.

Click below to buy Akasma Fitness Tracker at a very attractive price. And choose among three attractive colors.

3: Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit has been in the market for more than 10 years now. With its impressive design and trustworthy customer relationship the company has proved out to be most reliable fitness wearable company. The rugged design of Fitbit Inspire is what makes it one among the top five fitness tracking designs. The device is able to operate deep under water and also at heights above 28000 ft.

Fitbit Inspire comes with a small and large band which is yet another differentiating factor for the product. Apart from the daily heart rate, activity tracking and sleep pattern recording, Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker has a unique feature of identifying REM Sleep Patterns. Yet another plus factor of the product is its quick charging system and long lasting battery with 5 days backup.

This activity tracker comes in three color variants and can be purchased from the link below.

2: Garmin Vívoactive 3

Garmin Vívoactive 3 is basically a smart watch that does a lot of things apart from just acting as a fitness tracking device. This product is designed precisely to do everything that you can do with a phone. Garmin Vívoactive 3 comes with 1.2″ dia watch screen, 15+ preloaded sports apps, a personalised app store for smartwatch and smartphone connectivity. Thereby offering a complete set of solutions at effective pricing.

That’s not all! Garmin has offered a contactless payment option in this all new smartwatch cum fitness tracker. Plus, the product is operational in two modes namely smartphone mode and GPS mode. The battery backup is 7 days in former and 13 days in the latter case which makes is exceptionally impressive.

Go ahead and buy this incredibly awesome smartwatch+fitness tracker from the link down here.

1: Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition

Although we’ve discussed loads about Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker, this device from the same company comes with plethora of features to have you awe inspired. Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition Health and Fitness Tracker cum Smartwatch is the best competition to its rival Garmin. This product is backed with Alexa support and can offer voice notifications even while tracking activity.

This product not only hosts great features and precision when it comes to the rest of the above mentioned fitness trackers, but also offers a premium touch to the buyers. The fitness smartwatch comes with a premium jacquard woven band and an extra classic silicone band. You can receive calls, send text messages and check notifications in your smartphone while tracking your activities and getting a score on your sleep.

Push the Shop Now button below to quickly buy Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition Health & Fitness Tracker cum Smartwatch.

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