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Health is the condition of a person’s body/mind. Being healthy helps us to stay free from illness. It includes all 3 aspects of life: Physical/Mental/Social well being. To stay healthy it needs us to have a balanced diet and practice regular exercise in our day to day lives. Often it is termed that an individual should practice doing exercise at least 2-3 hours average per week. Enough sleep and good hygiene habits also help us to stay healthy and helps us to perform our routine work efficiently and more precisely. One should always practice to have more fruits and vegetables in his/her diet and should try staying Hydrated. One thing most importantly being healthy the food that we eat shouldn’t be eaten just for the sake of taste because it is the fact that healthy food usually does not taste that well but it provides us the essential nutrients which are very much necessary. And also for additional energy sources one can always go with the supplements.

Fitness along with proper nutrition is important for leading a healthy life, it increases the energy, maintains body physique and helps to build stronger immune system so that body can fight back on its own. Physical activity or performing exercise can improve health and reduce the risk of several diseases. While knowing about fitness one can easily understand that only physical fitness is not all but mental fitness is also as important as the physical fitness and this can be achieved only if your body is functioning well. We should try to relax our mind and try to reduce stress by excising regularly and eating a healthy diet which will also help us being more active.

SPORTS helps us to give a balanced mental and physical growth, helps to stay fit, active. Also helps to improve body blood circulation and helps us to control our stress and emotions. It plays a very essential role in developing our body and mind. Sports teaches us to stay in discipline, respect other individuals and team mates. It helps us to work together in a team cooperating with one another and builds leadership skills. It removes mental exhaustion and helps us getting a change from study/work.

Abhinav Jain – I always have a Never Giving up attitude in all walks of life. I am a sports person, Entrepreneur, Singer and most importantly I am what I am. I was a gymnast and active sports person since my school days. After my graduation I worked hard on my health and physique. This website is all about reviewing best sports and fitness equipment from all around the world. I will share some of my experiences with you and guide you in choosing best in the market at affordable prices with best quality and value for money.

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